Ricardo Gutiérrez Aguilar


Ricardo Gutiérrez Aguilar (Technische Universität zu Berlin – IFS-CSIC) works within the methodological perspectives of the Philosophy of History, Epistemology, and Theory of Knowledge and Metaphysics in order to approach the peculiar ontological and epistemological characteristics which are attributed to German Enlightenment (Aufklärung) philosophy and its notion of  historical fact and historical experience. A contrast and discussion between the aforementioned Aufklärung and Idealism (Idealismus) of subsequent years (specifically from the decade of 1790 to the decade of 1860) is at the aim of his PhD project as well. As a paradigmatic cases to be studied he uses the reception in German Thought of the specific event of the French Revolution and, secondly and related to the former, the reception of German Universities to the new Anglo-French experimental sciences and their particular appropriation in Naturphilosophie.

He’s been working under the tutorship of Prof. Dr. Roberto R. Aramayo and  Prof. Dr. Concha Roldán in CSIC (National Research Council - Spain) within the frame of successive research projects and in Berlin under direction of Professor Thomas Gil in Technische Universität.