Anna Janczys

 Anna Janczys is working on the Enlightenment and Romantic historiography, with the special emphasis on Polish historiography. The title of her dissertation is: TheEnlightenment inspirations in Joachim Lelewel's historical writing. Historian, theoretician of history and professor in universal history, Lelewel (1786-1861) is regarded as the most influential founder of the Romantic perspective of history, but he based on the Enlightenment achievements. The questions to be considered are: To what extent was Lelewel inspired by ideas of the Age of Reason, to what extent and in what way were the Enlightenment achievements in historiography and philosophy of history assimilated by Lelewel in his Romantic approach to the past. The special emphasis will be put on Lelewel's idea of universal history, reflected in such works as his Lectures on universal history or History of India. In respect to his universal historiography important is the question about national context of Lelewel's understanding of historical process, methods, as well as history of Europe and non-European states/nations/cultures.