Alix Winter

Alix Winter studied history, French and political science in Bielefeld, Freiburg i. Br., Paris and Potsdam. In her Master’s thesis she treated the Calas Affair as a European media event.

Her PhD deals with the idea of globalisation in the early nineteenth century. In this context, questions about the forming of an awareness of global relations and about a reflexion on the world ― imagined in its ‘globality’ ― appear to be essential as the discourse about phenomena of global entanglement is a primary feature of globalisation itself. One core element of this global consciousness emerged in the debates on worldwide trade connections. The perception of global commerce in the eighteenth century was above all concerned with theoretical claims (or rejections) for free trade and the contestation of outdated trade company monopolies. The discussion in the early nineteenth century was shaped by the experience of ongoing processes of an increasingly economically interconnected world. The breakdown of these connections during the time of Napoleon’s continental blockade in combination with the continuing dependence on overseas products was often perceived as a threat by the contemporaries. To unearth this discourse she examines French, English, US and German periodicals of the period between 1806 and 1830.




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- August 2012 (forthcoming): International Geographical Congress in Cologne; on the panel “Focal Points of the Past. Historic-geographical Dimensions of globalization”

- March 2011: Annual Meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies in Vancouver, on the panel “Global Histories around 1800”