Universität Potsdam

Resting next to Potsdam’s historic Sanssouci Castle, the University of Potsdam maintains Germany’s tradition of academic excellence.  Through advanced research institutions and high standards of in the pursuit of knowledge, the University of Potsdam promotes the advancement of future-oriented research and understanding in both the sciences and humanities. 

Its complex and integrated international networks allow the university to go beyond its borders and become an interactive player within Europe and the world.  Nearly 15% of the university's community comes from other Western and Eastern European countries, namely the neighboring country of Poland.  Along with ENGLOBE, the University of Potsdam's international network continues to grow across the EU and beyond.

Featured ENGLOBE Scientists:

Prof. Dr. Günther Lottes

Lottes UP

ENGLOBE Program Coordinator
Chair for Cultural History

Prof. Dr. Iwan-Michelangelo D'Aprile


ENGLOBE Project Manager
Assistant Professor for European Enlightenment

Featured Publications:

-Lottes, Günther (1979): Politische Aufklärung und plebejisches Publikum. Zur Theorie und Praxis des englischen Radikalismus im späten 18. Jahrhundert. (Ancien régime, Aufklärung und Revolution, 1). Zugl.: Erlangen-Nürnberg, Univ., Diss., 1977. München u.a.: Oldenbourg.
- D'Aprile, Iwan-Michelangelo. Das 18. Jahrhundert. Zeitalter der Aufklärung (mit Winfried Siebers), Berlin: Akademie Verlag 2008 (Akademie Studienbuch Literaturwissenschaft).
- D'Aprile, Mak (Eds.): Aufklärung - Evolution - Globalgeschichte [Enlightenment - Evolution - Global History]. Hannover-Laatzen 2010 (containing German and English chapters).