Uniwersytet Zielona Gora

After the merger between Pedagogical University and Technical University, Zielona Gora University emerged as a central institution in Poland's academic sphere.  From scientific research development and computer technology to pedagogy and the humanities, UZ offers a diverse range of studies to its students and researchers.  Also valuing international programs and cooperation, UZ has been an exciting addition to the ENGLOBE network.

As a participant of the ENGLOBE network, the Department of Humanities has a particular focus on the Polish-German relationship, including their political and territorial history.  The department also offers research developments and insights regarding historiography, the history of mentality, and the history of recent times.

Featured ENGLOBE Scientist: 

Prof. Dr. Dariusz Dolanski

Full professor and Head of the Department of History

Dolanski's fields of research include the cultural mix on the Polish-German borderland, religious life on the Polish-German borderland in modern times, cultural and memorial heritage, and the history of historiography (particularly during the Enlightenment).

Featured Publications:

-Dolański, Dariusz. Najspokojniejszy kościół. Reformacja XVI wieku w księstwie głogowskim (The Most Peaceful Church. Reformation in the 16th Century in the Glogau Duchy. Zielona Góra, 1998.
-Zachód w polskiej myśli historycznej czasó6w saskich (The West in the Polish Historical Thought of the Saxon Period). Zielona Góra, 2002.