Recent Publications

ENGLOBE Publishes Book:
New Perspectives in Global History
Edited by Daniel Brauer, Iwan D’Aprile, Günther Lottes, and Concha Roldán (2012)
The Formation of Europe 6: Wehrhahn Verlag

The era of the Enlightenment would not have been thinkable without its reflection on questions and problems arising out of globalization processes. In addition, the basic assumptions of 18th-Century thinking still constitute the paradigms for contemporary discussions. The Enlightenment – as an ongoing process of modernization – plays a crucial role for perspectives on Europe from the outside.
This volume presents different approaches to these questions from various disciplinary and regional backgrounds. Its main objective consists in furthering the dialogue between European and Latin American research, following Eric Hobsbawm's suggestion that Latin America might be the most productive laboratory for Enlightenment ideas today. 

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Images of/from Enlightenment
Edited by Dariusz Dolanski and Anna Janczys
(Zielona Gora and Potsdam 2013)

The book contains the proceedings of the conference Images of/from Enlightenment held in April 2012 in Zielona Gora and unites contributions by many ENGLOBE ESR and ENGLOBE scholars as well as other scholars in the field.



Französisch-deutsche Kulturräume um 1800. Bildungsnetzwerke - Vermittlerpersönlichkeiten - Wissenstransfer
Edited by Anna Busch, Nana Hengelhaupt, and Alix Winter
(Berlin 2012)





Ausblicke aus Europa für junge Europäer der Aufklärungszeit
Perspectives Beyond Europe for Children in the Age of Enlightenment

Edited by Nicholas Miller and Pauline Pujo (2012)
in Aufklärung und Moderne: Wehrhahn Verlag, Band 27.




Socialism and Religion: Roads to Common Wealth
By Vincent Geoghegan (2011)
London: Routledge




Aufklärung - Evolution - Globalgeschichte
[Enlightenment - Evolution - Global History]
Edited by Iwan-Michelangelo D'Aprile and Ricardo Mak (2010)
Hannover-Laatzen (containing German and English chapters).




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