About the Project

ENGLOBE (“Enlightenment and Global History”):
8.4 "Europe in the World" in the FP7- Cooperation Work Programme

The ENGLOBE training programme co-operates with European research and education programmes, including the late CLIOHRES-network of excellence, the CLIOHWORLD network and the CompaRaisons-Erasmus Intensive Programme.  

ENGLOBE works towards overcoming the narrow perspective of the often evoked “clash of cultures” in order to help manage global conflicts on the basis of reflected intercultural communications. Extra-European universities and global-operating European cultural institutes work in cooperation with ENGLOBE. With their help, impact and career opportunities, ENGLOBE researchers will not only be pioneers within a new academic field, but will also become influential actors in the fields of cultural policies and global management in the private sector, where questions of intercultural competences and communication are of increasing importance.