Technische Universität Berlin

Technische University is located in the heart of Berlin and is best known for its advancements in technology.  Just as Berlin booms with international cultures, serves as a gateway between eastern and western Europe, and offers myriad perspectives and experiences, TU is an internationally connected institution pursuing innovative and advanced research and knowledge.

The Humanities Department offers such studies as the Philosophy of Knowledge and of the Sciences and is an exciting addition to the ENGLOBE network.  TU also shares two programs with ENGLOBE: the Excellence Research School and the Philosophies of the Human and Natural Sciences (in cooperation with the Max Plank Gesellschaft).

Featured ENGLOBE Scientist:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Gil

Gill TU

Professor of Philosophy, Head of the Philosophy Department, guest professor at Murcia (Spain), the State University of New York at Albany and the City University of London

Featured Publications:

-Gill, Thomas. Kritik der klassischen Geschichtsphilosophie (Critique of the Classical Philosophy of History): Berlin, 1999.
-Gill, Thomas. Die Praxis des Wissens (The Practice of Knowledge): Hannover-Laatzen, 2006.