National University of Ireland Galway

Ranked among the top 250 universities in the world, the National University of Ireland, Galway maintains its high standards of third-level education. It is particularly known for research in areas of human rights law, environment, Irish studies, stem cell and gene therapy, and computer/web technology. Through inspirational teaching, research development and international partnership, the University attracts over 2,000 international students per year and will continue to be a vital international player in the future.

The School of Humanities includes six units: History, English,
Philosophy, Irish Studies, Film Studies, and Journalism. With the help of coordinator and ENGLOBE scientist, Prof. Dr. Steven Ellis, the History department has actively exchanged students through the Socrates-Erasmus international programme with universities from Reims, Pisa, Mainz, Kiel, and Vienna.

Featured ENGLOBE Scientist:

Prof. Dr. Steven Ellis


Professor and Head of History in the School of Humanities

Throughout his academic career, Prof. Dr. Steven Ellis has also been a guest professor at the Gießen, Potsdam, Kiel, and Regensburg universities, as well as a guest lecturer at Loyola University (Chicago), the University of Pisa, and Cambridge University. However, his inter-European and international academic experience is not limited to this list. The majority of his lectures and seminars have focused on Irish and British History, including themes that range from language and identity to colonialism.

Ellis is also a member of the Coordinating Committee of CLIOH World and a coordinator of the Socrates-ERASMUS programme at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Some Featured Publications:

- Ellis, Steven. The making of the British Isles: the state of Britain and Ireland, 1450-1660. Pearson/Longman, London and New York, 2007, xxxvii + 411pp. (chapters 9-11 written by Christopher Maginn). (Book)
- Ellis, Steven. Ireland in the age of the Tudors: English expansion and the end of Gaelic rule, 1447-1603. Addison Wesley Longman, London and New York, 1998, xxii + 437pp. (Book)
- Ellis, Steven. (with I.-M. Bucur, G. Dohrn-van Rossum, R. Eßer, A. Larguèche, A.M. Pult Quaglia, H.M. Sabol, K. Rosenbaum, R. Szmytka, and L. Teulières). 'Towards a citizenship of the European Union' in A.K. Isaacs and Guðmundur Hálfdanarson (eds.) Citizenships and Identities: Inclusion, Exclusion, Participation (Pisa, 2011), pp 173-93. (Article)
- Ellis, Steven. 'Region and Frontier in the English State:  the English Far North, 1296-1603' in S.G. Ellis, Raingard Eßer, J.-F. Berdah and Milos Rezník (ed.), Frontiers, regions and identities in Europe (Pisa, 2009), pp 77-100. (Article)