Middle East Technical University Ankara

As the mission statement states, METU seeks: to reach, produce, apply and promote knowledge, and to educate individuals with that knowledge for the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development of our society and humanity. Bordering Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, Turkey lies in the middle of global continents, allowing METU and its students to offer a unique perspective among international institutions of higher education.

Promoting educational exchanges between Turkey and the EU, in 2000, METU established the European Union Affairs Office.  In cooperation with the Sussex European Institute and the Autonomous University of Madrid, METU founded a training program addressing the Enlargement Process of the EU and Turkey.  Particular to ENGLOBE, as part of the Social Sciences Department, the Graduate Program in History and Architecture offers both graduate and PhD programs to students of architectural history.  This program is also a partner of CLIOHRESNET.

Featured ENGLOBE Scientists:

Prof. Dr. Ali Uzay Peker

Vice-Dean of Faculty, Head of the Department of Architecture, Professor of History and Architecture,  the Bologna-Process-Promoter 2005/06

Ancient Mesopotamia, Early Islamic, Seljuk and Ottoman Architecture, Occidentalism and Orientalism in Architecture, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (Baroque and Rococo), Exoticism, Iconography and Symbolism in Islamic and Christian Architecture, Cosmology (ancient and medieval)

Prof. Dr. Elvan Altan-Ergut
Associate Professor

19th and 20th Century Architecture, Architecture in late Ottoman Empire and Republican Turkey, Modernism and Modernization in Architecture, Architectural Historiography, 20th Century Architectural Theory

Prof. Dr. Namik Erkal
Instructor Dr.

Urban history, Architecture of City Frontier, Byzantion-Constantinople-Istanbul

Featured Publications:

-Peker, Ali Uzay. Western Influence on the Ottoman Empire and Occidentalism in the Architecture of Istanbul, in: Eighteenth Century Life 26. 2002, Ch. 3, pp. 139-164.
-Peker, Ali Uzay.  A Retreating Power: Ottoman approach to the West in the 18th century, in: J. Osmond and A. Cimdina: Power and Culture: Hegemony, Interaction and Dissent. Pisa, 2006, pp. 83-100.
-Özkaya Turan, Belgin, Elvan Altan-Ergut, and D. Arnold (eds.): Rethinking Architectural Historiography. London, 2006.